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Qualities of Trustworthy Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists

Choosing the right orthopedic specialist or sports medicine specialist, and the best doctor for you, is an important decision that can directly affect how you heal after treatment or surgery. Here are three vital qualities to look for when searching for the right Joplin area orthopedic specialist.

Orthopod and Patient

Dedication to Continuing Education

Not only should your orthopedic specialist in the Joplin, MO, area have extensive experience in their field, they should be board certified or board eligible, and show they’re dedicated to continuing their education. Your doctor should be able to offer you the very latest in interventional pain management, physical therapy, surgery techniques and treatment options– giving you the best possible care for successful orthopedic treatment and recovery.

Communication with Patients

A patient-first approach, and willingness for open communication is extremely important between patients and their Joplin, MO, area orthopedic and sports medicine specialist. You can learn a lot about your doctor during your first consultation. Things to look for would be: Does he or she take the time to explain everything you need to know, and is your doctor willing to listen to you and answer your questions and concerns? Are studies suggested, and surgery seen as a last option, opposed to the driving force behind their treatment plan? Does the doctor describe the expected course of treatment and help you prepare? Do they spend time getting to know you and give you their attention, or does it feel like your doctor is simply rushing you out of the office?

Relationships with Other Professionals

Finding a comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine specialist that does not require a doctor’s referral, and includes an entire staff of doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists, as well as access to medical devices and an imaging lab, will ensure you can obtain tests, evaluations, surgeries, or other treatments all in one state-of-the-art orthopedic facility.  Access to a team of professionals who will work together throughout your treatment and recovery will make treatment convenient and more patient focused, avoiding long wait times, needing to drive to different locations for various treatments, and jumping through unnecessary hoops. Your orthopedist should also be willing to keep your primary care doctor updated throughout your treatment.

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