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Trouble Moving? Come See Us

Walking. It’s something we take for granted and don’t think much about, until it becomes painful and we can’t get from place to place as easily as we did in times past.

While many would look at these pains as a symptom of aging and concede themselves to it, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be one of them.

This pain can often be a symptom of a more serious ailment and if given an early diagnosis, it can be treated, restoring previous mobility.

Medicine is advancing rapidly and many of the aches and pains that used to be untreatable are now being given a second chance for diagnosis.

You owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation to discuss your pain with a orthopaedic specialist. They’ll have a higher chance of locating the source of your pain and prescribing treatment for the effected area.

Once the diagnosis has been made, your physician will guide you through the plan of treatment. This could range from physical therapy to orthopaedic surgery. Regardless of which treatment is selected, you will be in excellent care and will benefit from the experience and expertise that our staff has become known for.

If you’re experiencing pain and suffering from decreasing mobility, schedule a consultation at our Joplin, MO location. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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