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Why your fiRst stop should be at an Interventional Pain Management Physician

By Michael L. Hearndon D.O., Board Certified and Fellowship Trained, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialty: Interventional Pain Management


Countless numbers of people in the US live and suffer with pain as part of daily life.  Many put off seeking treatment in fear they will ultimately need surgery or will just be prescribed pain medication. Unbeknownst to many is the specialty of physician-performed non-surgical Interventional Pain Management, which is a specialized area of pain management used to assess, identify, and treat complex pain-causing conditions. At Ortho Four States, patients desiring to be diagnosed and/or manage their pain can be scheduled immediately.

Why should one try conservative therapy before having surgery?

Besides the fact that insurance companies require it, these strategies can work so well that many people can manage pain without having surgery. Assuming surgery will be the only fix for pain is like saying that because you have a leak in your roof you need to go buy an entirely new home. Surprisingly, there are very few cases where surgery will be determined as necessary. In most cases it is best to try conservative treatment performed by an Interventional Pain Management doctor who will manage a care plan that can include various therapies, self-healing techniques, injections, and sometimes medication.

Pain, even if felt in a specific area of the body, can be very difficult to diagnose. Although neck, back, spine, hip, and knee pain may seem straightforward, pain in these areas can be caused by nerve pain emanating from a different part of the body than where the pain is felt.

Hip problems sometimes present as knee pain or from an irritated nerve in the back. Often a bulging disk is not itself painful. Another example is debilitating knee pain. It is one of the most common pains leading patients to assume they need surgery. This is very often premature and can be successfully treated with non-surgical interventional treatments that range from physical therapy to steroids to viscosupplementation.

Why are injections not just a band aid for pain?

Some pain is not structural in nature, but neurological. If pain is caused by inflammation of a nerve, a steroid can be curative.

When surgery is necessary, there are Interventional Pain Management methods that can be employed before and after surgery. For example, for the knee, Radio Frequency Ablation of the Genicular Nerve is a process that isolates and suspends the nerve’s ability to cause pain. This can be administered before surgery, and after, if the pain post-surgery persists.

Another procedure that is only performed locally at Ortho Four States is the Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulator. Simply put, this prevents pain signals from making their way to the spinal cord and processed as pain by the brain. This can be used for other areas of pain felt in the body, like the knee. One of the best reasons to consider Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation is its effectiveness can be tested before committing to permanent implantation. Both the trial and the permanent implantation are simple procedures performed in about an hour, with the patient going home the same day.

About Dr. Hearndon:

Dr. Michael L. Hearndon is a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor serving Joplin, Missouri, and the entire Four State Area. He specializes and is fellowship-trained in Interventional Pain Management and is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Hearndon’s approach to pain relief is combined with a judicious use of interventional techniques and therapy over pharmacologic treatments.

As a pain management doctor, Dr. Hearndon also utilizes osteopathic manipulation therapy (OMT) and incorporates alternative methods of pain management. He teaches patients self-healing techniques through specific training and correction of postures and muscle imbalance.

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