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Treating a Sprain

A sprain is one of the most common reasons someone will have for scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic specialist or Sports Medicine physician.

Some of the most common sprains affect the ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist.

A sprain is an indication that a ligament has been injured. These are strong tissues throughout the body that hold two bones together. The body is comprised of thousands of ligaments, but those connected to the knee and ankle seem to be the most prone to injury.

When you sprain a ligament, it means you’ve somehow stretched it. This may cause some bleeding or swelling, but it could also tear the ligament, either partially or completely. Injuries of this type or ranked by number. A severe ankle sprain with a complete tear is a grade three injury and a mild sprain would be a grade 1 injury.

Most sprains are painful, but will eventually heal. This can take longer than some patients would like, but they will heal and most will do so without requiring surgery. Some sprains will require physical therapy to regain motion and strength and others will simply require rest and some gently stretching as advised by your physician.

If you suffer a sprain and the pain is severe, if the joint feels unstable or loose, or if the severe pain persists, you should consider visiting an orthopedic specialists or sports medicine doctor at our Joplin, MO location. Our team will work with you to treat the problem and restore you to optimal health.

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