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The Importance of Low Impact Exercises

When some people think of exercise, they think of activities that are high-impact exercises, such as cardio exercise, running, jogging and jumping rope. While these can have a great impact in helping individuals become physically fit, there are many reasons why low-impact exercises are equally valuable and important.

Low impact exercises are invaluable for those who seek to prevent injury and those who are recovering from a recent injury or medical procedure. Some examples of low impact exercises such as stretching, isometrics and yoga offer a wide assortment of benefits. These include improving balance, increasing muscular strength and tone, improved coordination, increased cardiovascular capacity and a general improvement in overall fitness.

Orthopedic specialists often prescribe low-impact exercise as part of a physical therapy for a wide variety of conditions. This allows you to recondition the muscles and joints, without risking additional injury in the process.

An additional benefit is the fact that low-impact exercise can be continued throughout life, adding to a patient’s overall fitness as they continue to strengthen their muscles.

If you’ve suffered an injury and would like to know more about our treatment options and how low-impact exercise might be able to help you, contact our offices in Joplin, MO to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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