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On a Mission to Restore Patients’ Quality of Life in the Joplin, MO Region and Around the World

Ortho Four States Spine Surgeon Dr. Brian J. Ipsen and wife Amy, along with their three children, have returned to Africa on a mission trip to help the many in need of spine and back surgeries. Efforts like the Ipsen’s follow Ortho Four States Blessings Foundation, which was founded by the physician families as a non-profit organization seeking to further the practice’s mission to restore the quality of patients’ lives by helping those in need within Joplin, MO and the entire Four State Area, as well as internationally. Guided by the families’ belief that they have been blessed in order to bless others, the Blessings Foundation is committed to service through community clinics, mission trips, and contributions.

Dr. Brian Ipsen relays, “There is so much need. This was just the first patient awaiting my arrival at Mbingo Baptist Hospital.”

(Pictured left to right is Grace Ipsen and Endurance.) “My family is so blessed and super excited to have the opportunity to take these adventures together,” says Amy Ipsen at the introduction of her Blog.

(Toby Ipsen and his many new friends.)

To follow the Ipsen’s on their mission trip, you can visit Amy’s Blog: http://dreaminginafrica.blogspot.com/

To learn more about the Ortho Four States Blessings Foundation visit: https://ortho4states.com/blessings-foundation/

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