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G-O-A-L! A little Shoutout to the Athleticism Displayed During World Cup Soccer | Treating Sports-Related Injury

Whether you call it soccer or football, this international sport is unarguably the most physically demanding non-stop display of athleticism. Although it is disappointing there’s no Team USA to root for in this year’s World Cup, as an orthopedic and sports medicine practice that treats the full range of sports injuries and fractures, we can’t help but marvel when watching the musculoskeletal system displayed on the world stage.

In Joplin and the Four State Area, soccer might not be considered as popular as US football, be we see and treat a fair number of soccer-related sports injuries. Ortho Four States is honored to provide treatments that run the gamut from athletic training and physical therapy, to non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures, to the most challenging surgeries. From young athletes right up through high school, college, and those who go pro, we take pride in returning patients back to the activities that they love, and to feeling good, neck-to-toe. So, play on, we are here if you need us!

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