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Focus on Doctor David G. Blancho, D.P.M, Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon Serving Joplin, MO and the Entire Four State Area

Ortho Four States podiatrist and surgeon David G. Blancho, D.P.M., specializes in all disorders affecting the foot and ankle. Dr. Blancho uses the newest technologies to treat ailments and shows special interest in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, fracture care, sports medicine, and arthritis. Originally from Pittsburg, Kansas, Dr. Blancho earned his podiatric medical degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, then stayed in Philadelphia to complete his residency training in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery at Aria Health Systems. He received extensive training in foot and ankle trauma.

Doctor Blancho serves Joplin, MO, and the entire Four State area of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Located only minutes from downtown Joplin, MO, Ortho Four States serves the entire Four State Area of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, with a patient-first approach to world-class orthopedic, spine, and sports medicine care. No referral necessary. Accepting most insurance including Blue Cross Blue Shield and many Mercy and Freeman directed plans. Call us, we make it easy. 417.206.7846 or Toll Free 877.783.4441

Orthopaedic Specialists of the Four States (Ortho Four States)
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