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Real Patient Stories Provide Motivation to Start Orthopedic Treatment for Painful Conditions

Many suffer with pain from orthopedic conditions and infection. Don't put off seeking treatment from Ortho Four States.

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be something dreaded or hard to attain. Resolve to make this year the one that breaks the cycle of suffering.

Most patients who get injured come to see us immediately to receive important treatment. But for the long-term sufferers living with orthopedic conditions and chronic pain, we encourage you stop putting off getting treatment. The longer you wait to receive orthopedic care, the more your condition can worsen or make it difficult for you to believe you can feel better and heal.

This is why we like to share our patient stories for inspiration. There is a theme that runs through many of their stories regarding the regret they feel for putting off coming to see us, and how they never dreamed they could feel as great as they do now.

It is our mission to restore patients’ quality of life. We diagnose, and then create individualized care plans targeted at correcting and eliminating the pain and suffering caused by injuries and disorders of the bones, spine, muscles, and joints.

It is a great honor and point of pride for us to get our patients back to the activities they love, and to feeling good, neck-to-toe.  ON A MISSION TO RESTORE PATIENTS’ QUALITY OF LIFE | Orthopaedic Specialists of the Four States (Ortho Four States) | Voted “Best in the Four States”

Welcome to the Four State Area’s largest and most comprehensive neck-to-toe Orthopedic, Neck, Back and Spine, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Aquatic Rehabilitation, Joint Replacement and Revision, and Interventional Pain Management care group and facility – serving Joplin and the region with a compassionate patient-first approach to world-class care.

Call us. We make it easy. No referral needed. Accepting most insurance including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, and many Freeman and Mercy directed plans.417.206.7846 Joplin, MO | 620.783.4441 Kansas | 877.783.4441 | 877.783.4441 Arkansas, Oklahoma, Toll Free. | www.Ortho4States.com

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