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Choosing the Right Hand Surgeon

Dealing with pain in your hands can be difficult. When hand exercises and other non-surgical methods fail to bring you relief, it may be time to consider surgery, but how do you know who to trust? It’s important to choose the right hand surgeon not only for the long-term health of your hands, but also for your own peace of mind. Here are five things to consider when reviewing hand surgeons.

Look for a specialist
– hands are a particularly complex part of the body. There are thousands of nerve endings to consider and be aware of and extreme care must be taken during surgery. When reviewing orthopedic surgeons, it’s wise to look at those who are also orthopedic specialists in the area of hands. You can start by asking your primary physician for his recommendation or do research online to find a specialists. Our website offers extensive physician profiles, which include information on the educational background and specialities of each of our surgeons.

Research Certifications – Being board certified and having fellowship training are critical factors when choosing a hand surgeon and signal that the doctor has received specialized training in a given field.

Schedule a Consultation – From the first diagnosis to the recovery process, communication is vital throughout the entire process. Meet with your doctor before scheduling a surgery to ensure that you feel comfortable. Clearly and candidly communicate all symptoms, pains and concerns and you’ll ultimately see better results.

Ask Questions – Before going to the consultation, make a list of all the questions you’d like to ask the doctor. These can include questions about his experience, to his method of diagnosis.

Check with Your Insurance Provider – While your health is priceless, insurance is still a current reality for modern health care. To ensure that your treatment plan is in cooperation with your health care plan, check with the orthopedic surgeon’s office and your insurance provider. Keep detailed records of those interaction. This way, there will be no surprises when the bill arrives.

If you’re in need of hand surgery or would like to schedule a consultation. Contact our offices in Joplin, MO today. Our staff will do everything possible to help in your treatment and will help make your recovery as smooth as possible.

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