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5 Tips to a Speedy Recovery from Spine and Back Surgery

Because our general health, chronic conditions, lifestyle, and DNA are all different, so too is the effect of surgery for each individual person. Everyone desires to have a definitive outline of what will happen during and after surgery and how they will feel and react. Doctors such as Ortho Four states Joplin, MO orthopedic surgeons can give a general picture of what to expect, and guide you through your unique experience and path to recovery. Here are five tips from orthopedic and sports medicine surgeons to maximize your recovery:

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  • Manage Your Pain: Be honest with your doctor regarding any discomfort you may experience post surgery. Managing any pain and ensuring your comfortable should be of the utmost importance to your orthopedic surgeon post surgery.

  • Continued Physical Therapy and Exercise: When you go home after surgery, you will need to plan to continue physical rehabilitation to gain strength and mobility. How fast you recover is based on your fitness prior to surgery and your level of active participation in exercise following surgery.

  • Slowly return to normal activities: Returning to work is a highly personal decision, and is based on what type of work you do. This is a decision best made with input from your orthopedic and sports medicine physician.

The best advice for recovering quickly from spine surgery, back surgery, or any surgery, is to engage the cooperation, participation, and input of orthopedic health professionals, such as the staff from Orthopaedic Specialists of the Four States (Ortho Four States) who are comprehensively involved in your care. Additionally, using the above 5 tips and taking an active role in your own care will make for a quicker post-surgery recovery.

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