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5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important

Do you struggle to stand up? Does your back pain prevent you from spending time outdoors? Are you limited in your ability to participate in your favorite sports or activities? Do you regularly lose your balance and fall? Does pain in your hands mean you can’t open your favorite jar of salsa? When everyday movements and tasks become a problem for you, physical therapy may be the solution. The following are 5 ways physical therapy in Joplin, MO, can make you stronger and help you feel better:

Physical Therapy


Physical therapy can help you move better. Regardless of your age, if you have trouble standing, walking, moving, or participating in your favorite recreational activity or sport, physical therapy can help improve those abilities and get you moving again. Maintaining good mobility is one of the single most important factors in health and fitness levels and in healthy aging. You’ve got to be able to move those joints and muscles! Once your mobility improves, your strength will also improve and you will start to feel better all over.

Pain Relief

One of the big reasons people stop moving is because of pain. Because improving mobility is the goal of physical therapy, pain relief has to be part of the process. Your physical therapist will get to know you and look for areas of pain, stiffness, and weakness in your body and design a therapy regimen for you that targets those areas. Aerobic training, strengthening exercises, and stretching routines will all work together to loosen stiff areas and strengthen weak ones. Additionally, your therapist will use other pain management techniques like deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, traction, electrical stimulation, and other advanced medical techniques all designed to reduce your pain and help you feel better.

Greater Independence

The ability to manage the normal tasks of daily living is the key to maintaining independence. If you are struggling with falls, balance problems, long-term illness, or experiencing the consequences of aging, the battle for independence will be won by keeping you strong and mobile. Your physical therapist can be your number one ally in winning this battle.

Faster Recovery

Physical therapy is an accepted part of treatment following most types of surgeriesincludingprocedures for sports injuries, shoulders, knees, hands, joint replacements, and the spine. Surgery can be rough on your body, and physical therapy helps mitigate the effects. Physical therapy helps strengthen weakened parts of the body, improves motion, decreases pain and improves function and balance. Physical therapy can minimize scar tissue so recovery can be more complete. It will also keep muscles and joints from getting stiff and weak from prolonged periods of rest. Steady, smart movement following surgery will get you back on your feet and feeling better in no time.

Management and Prevention

Joplinphysical therapy can play an important role in preventative treatment for things like falls, loss of balance, lower back pain, and chronic diseases such as arthritis and Parkinson’s. Mobility and strength go a long way to prevent falls, manage weight and blood sugar, and avoid surgery.

Every individual is different, so this means each physical therapy experience and program is different. Healing takes time, diligence and compliance. If you think you may be a candidate for physical therapy in Joplin, MO or the Four State Area of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, don’t wait another day!

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